A new release roadmap

Marketing plan

New releases require a lot of the work and changes the ten hour marketing plan. So, here’s suggestions of a change to work well on your ten hour plan.

Start building out your blog posts – talk about other books
If there are best books in (your genre), that you enjoy, talk about them. Post about your new book and talk about everything you can think of – research, your cover, your discoveries. Share the joy and pain of getting the books done.
Set up your book on preorder when you do your cover reveal
Pre-orders give you a place to start from and gives you a chance to build a readership. Remember, if you’re going to lower your price after publishing (for example the first week release at $0.99 or $1.99), then no matter when people order, they’ll get the book at the cheapest price after their order. Even if you raise it, those that order first can be rewarded by getting the book at a lower price.
Guest blog
Ask your readers and author friends if you can guest blog. Focus on the places that your readers will be. Google blogs that would be read by your target market, and see if they accept guest blogging about books.
Newsletter swaps are another way to do so
There are currently lots of groups for people to request newsletter exchanges. Remember though to be fair – if you’re a new author, don’t expect the bestseller authors in your genre just to open up their newsletter to you. They might, but if they don’t, do not choose to criticise. It’s everyone’s choice to offer space to their readers and it’s their reputation on the line.
Teasers, teasers, teasers
Separate the teasers that you like the best and use them to promote your book. Head on over to Canva and use the free options and create eye-catching items, and memorable pieces of your book. Think about looking into podcasts or vlogging if you’re feeling bold. You can also generate different cover styles at Adazing.
Give away arcs to your advance reader team
The best time to do this is a month before your book is out, but you can do so any time up to the actual release.
Set up book giveaways
Choose books close to yours to attract readers and plan a great book giveaway. Reward authors in your genre too, by promoting them, as goodwill is often the simplest way to get into shared promotion projects, and it’ll show your readers that you are engaged in the community. Let them know that you’re promoting their books in a giveaway, and they may share too.
LAUNCH book!
Give it a few days till your rank settles, raise the price if you had it lowered, and then decide your next moves.
PROMOTE– Back to the ten hour marketing plan!

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